You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. Legal insurance isn’t just for the serious issues, it’s for your everyday needs, too. Legal insurance through ARAG® helps you address common situations like creating wills, buying a home or dealing with a traffic ticket. And at ARAG®, network attorney fees are 100% paid-in-full for most covered matters.

Legal Insurance through ARAG®

Legal insurance through ARAG® covers a wide range of legal needs such as family law, DEI related matters, document review, finance or tax and debt-related matters, home ownership, traffic tickets, and wills & estate planning needs.

With an ARAG® Legal Plan you have access to the following resources:

  • Work with network attorneys
  • Find local attorneys in ARAG’s network
  • Save thousands of dollars on average, for legal matters by avoiding costly legal fees
  • Use DIY Docs® to create legally valid documents, including state-specific templates

Did you know?

85% of individuals experienced a legal event in the past three years. You might think legal events are rare, but they're far more common than you think.

Using Your Legal Plan

Using your Legal Plan with ARAG® has three simple steps:

  1. When you have a legal need, go online or use the ARAG® Legal app or call Customer Care at 800-247-4184
  2. Answer a few questions to confirm your coverage and receive information on local network attorneys who can help with your legal matter
  3. Then, meet with a network attorney virtually, over the phone or in person.

How much does ARAG® Legal Insurance cost

You pay $20.90 per month for the UltimateAdvisor® Legal Insurance Plan. You have access to local attorneys in the ARAG® network and can save up to a thousand dollars on legal matters.