It’s important to plan for your family’s financial security in case the unexpected happens.



To help protect the financial well-being of your loved ones, Endeavor automatically provides you with basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage — at no cost to you — along with the opportunity to purchase supplemental coverage for you and your family. The coverage is administered by New York Life. In addition, you have the protection of company-paid business travel accident insurance.

2024 Life and AD&D insurance plans

Basic life and AD&D insurance

Endeavor provides company-paid employee life and AD&D insurance coverage of a specific amount that lasts throughout your employment.

Supplemental life and AD&D insurance

If you want additional protection for you and your family, you can buy supplemental life and AD&D insurance.

Be sure to name a beneficiary

It’s important to designate a beneficiary to receive the benefit paid by a life insurance policy. As personal circumstances change, take the time to keep that information up to date. Visit the Workday website to add or change a beneficiary. If you purchase life/AD&D insurance for your spouse or child(ren), you are automatically the beneficiary of that coverage.


Basic Life and AD&D Insurance

Endeavor provides basic life and AD&D insurance to assist you and your family in the event of a death or dismemberment. These benefits are fully paid by the company at no cost to you, and coverage is automatic — you do not need to enroll.

Benefits are equal to:

Basic Life Insurance* 1 times your annual compensation** rounded up to the next $1,000 (up to $1,000,000 + previous years bonus if applicable)​
Basic AD&D Insurance 1 times your annual compensation** rounded up to the next $1,000 (up to $1,000,000), paid in addition to life insurance when applicable***

*Federal tax law requires the company to report the cost of company-paid life insurance in excess of $50,000 as imputed income.
**Annual compensation is defined as your salary as of January 1 of the current year plus the previous year’s bonus.

Benefit reduction:

  • Basic life and Basic AD&D insurance benefits will reduce to 67% at age 65 and 50% at age 70.
***What is AD&D insurance?

AD&D benefits are paid in addition to any life insurance if you die in an accident or become seriously injured or physically disabled. AD&D benefits are paid as a percentage of your coverage amount — from 20% to 100% — depending on the type of loss.


Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance

If you want more financial protection beyond the basic coverage that Endeavor provides, you can buy supplemental life and AD&D insurance for yourself and your family members. You can enroll in this supplemental coverage through Workday at any time, although you’ll need to submit Evidence of Insurability (EOI) if you enroll after your new hire enrollment opportunity has passed.

You pay the full cost of this coverage on an after-tax basis. Life and AD&D coverage is provided by New York Life. You must purchase supplemental coverage for yourself in order to purchase it for your spouse/domestic partner or dependent children.

Available Coverage Amounts
Supplemental Life Supplemental AD&D

1–5x salary rounded up to the next $1,000 (maximum of $1,000,000); minimum coverage is $25,000

Guaranteed Issue:* the lesser of 5x salary or $300,000

(Benefits will reduce to 50% at age 70)

1–5x salary rounded up to the next $1,000 (maximum of $1,000,000)

(Benefits will reduce to 50% at age 70)

Spouse/Domestic Partner

Up to $100,000 in $10,000 increments (not to exceed 50% of employee supplemental coverage)

Guaranteed Issue:* $30,000

(Spouse coverage ends at age 70)

  • 60% of employee supplemental coverage if no children are covered
  • 50% of employee supplemental coverage if children are covered
  • Maximum of $600,000
Child (up to age 26)
  • $10,000 per child
  • Children under six months are covered at $1,000
  • No evidence of insurability (EOI) is required
  • 15% of your supplemental AD&D coverage if your spouse is also covered
  • 20% if no spouse is covered
  • Maximum of $100,000
*Guaranteed Issue and evidence of insurability (EOI)

The Guaranteed Issue amount is the amount of coverage you can elect without providing evidence of insurability (EOI), which requires you to answer medical questions and take a health exam. The Guaranteed Issue amount is only available to newly eligible participants as long as you enroll within 31 days of first becoming eligible.

If you waive optional supplemental life insurance coverage for yourself or your spouse/domestic partner as a new hire, you will be required to provide EOI by completing a medical questionnaire if you choose to enroll in this coverage at a later date. The completed questionnaire will be sent to New York Life for review. New York Life reserves the right to either approve or deny your request for access to this coverage as a late entrant. Once New York Life has made their decision, they will notify you by mail. For additional questions about this process, please email


Business Travel Accident Insurance

When traveling on behalf of the company, you are protected under a company-paid business travel accident insurance policy should an accident occur. This policy through Chubb Accident & Health provides coverage for certain injuries or death resulting from an accident during business travel. Coverage is automatic — you do not need to enroll, and there is no cost to you. For medical assistance, you can call 1-855-327-1414 (Toll-Free), 1-630-694-9764 (Direct-Dial), or +44 2039 015895 (UK/FOS), or email Please note your employer as “Endeavor Worldwide" and reference policy number: UKBBBD07507.

In addition to the insurance protection provided by Chubb, Endeavor Risk Management has arranged travel risk management services for all Endeavor employees and contractors with Crisis24. To access Crisis24 for travel risk information in advance of travel, security alerts, or for help in an emergency, please learn more via the following Endeavor Connect link: