Our ERGs help design and foster a culture of diversity that reflects the values and aspirations of Endeavor and creates a more inclusive environment. These groups are open to all employees who align with their missions, including allies. Click here to join the community.

Endeavor’s ERGs ensure the voices of underrepresented employees have an opportunity to come together to learn, share, and further support identities that exist throughout the Company.

Endeavor currently offers the following ERGs:

  • Asian Coalition of Endeavor (ACE): The Asian Coalition of Endeavor (ACE) champions diversity by celebrating Asian heritage in its many forms around the globe. ACE provides mentorship, empowerment, and education for Asian/Pacific Islander employees, while seeking to promote cross-Asia business opportunities throughout Endeavor.
  • Allies of Visible and Invisible Disabilities (AVID): The Allies of Visible and Invisible Disabilities (AVID) is a group created to advance awareness of and support for people with visible and invisible disabilities. AVID provides a space for educational resources, mentorship, and a shared sense of belonging for members of the disability community and their allies. AVID also serves to fight against disability-related stigma, both within our industries and beyond.
  • Endeavor Black Collective (EBC): Endeavor Black Collective (EBC) helps employees across Endeavor connect with others of shared backgrounds and interests to cultivate leadership skills and mentoring networks, while advancing diverse recruiting, building stronger community ties, and creating synergies and business opportunities for Endeavor.
  • Hispanic or Latine Alliance (HOLA): Endeavor HOLA (Hispanic or Latine Alliance) is an organization committed to the representation, advancement, and inclusion of Hispanic and Latine employees and their allies worldwide. HOLA strives to foster a sense of ‘familia’ by educating employees about Hispanic and Latine culture, providing an avenue for growth and retention, creating service and mentorship opportunities, and strengthening ties externally with Hispanic and Latine communities.
  • PROUD (LGBTQ+): Endeavor PROUD is a community of LGBTQ+ employees, parents of LGBTQ+ youth, and allies. PROUD acts as a global and local tool for community, education, recruitment, and service. The group fosters professional sponsorship and progressive policy change and works to ensure all employees feel able to authentically and proudly show up to work.
  • Women of Endeavor (WE): Women of Endeavor (WE) is an organization for women and allies with the mission to propel professional advancement and equity for women across our network. WE focuses on promoting skill-building and professional development, as well as creating more professional mobility for women across the company. WE also sponsors the Women in Technology (WiT) group, which brings women across Endeavor’s technology groups together.