We value the comprehensive health of your family and we're proud to offer a Fitness & Wellness Membership through Wellhub to provide holistic wellbeing support.

What is Wellhub?

Wellhub, formerly known as Gympass, is a wellbeing platform that offers resources to support your mind, body, and mood. You and your dependents can choose among various plans and activate the one that best fits your needs. Your Wellhub membership can be used to visit multiple gyms, take virtual live classes, or attend virtual personal training sessions.

Endeavor is investing even further in your wellbeing with company-supported access to Wellhub membership plans. All Endeavor employees receive the Starter plan at zero cost and all other plans are discounted by an additional $11.99 per month!

To explore the network and get started, download the app on your smartphone or visit this link on your desktop. Enter “Endeavor” as your company's name and sign in to the Endeavor/Wellhub portal using your work email address.

Important notes:

  • If you're a user of a shared email address (including floaters, assistants, reception, etc.) be sure to use your personal email listed in Workday to sign up for Wellhub.
  • If you choose a plan that has zero cost, you are still required to enter your payment information, though you won’t be charged unless you upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Gym Network: Access 14,000 fitness facilities nationwide at discounted prices with partners such as LifeTime, Gold's Gym, SoulCycle, F45, Barry's, and more.
  • Live Streamed Classes: Stream live group fitness classes from the comfort of your own living room including yoga, strength training, HIIT, Pilates, dance, and more.
  • Virtual Personal Training: Book one-on-one virtual training sessions for a workout tailored to your goals. There are a variety of different trainers on the platform ranging in all kinds of activities: fitness, Wellness Coaching, and nutrition planning.
  • On-Demand Wellness Content: Browse a library of 30+ digital wellness partners including on-demand fitness, meditations and mindfulness, mental health, and nutrition.

Registering and Adding Dependents

  • To check out all that a Wellhub membership offers, download the Wellhub app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Use your corporate email address to register and create a password. Once you put in your email and create a password, you will be able to view plan options and available gyms. You can also register through the Wellhub website.
  • There is no payment information required to view the network and membership plans. To view your options, you just have to sign up and create your free account.
  • Once you activate your own plan, you will see a button to add a dependent under your own account. You will be able to sign up dependents for their own plan with their own payment method.

Wellhub Support

  • If you have any questions or need help finding a plan, please use this form to get in contact with Wellhub Customer Support or use the chat function within the mobile app.
  • For questions about Wellhub and other Wellness programs, contact EndeavorWellness@endeavorco.com.

Aetna Back and Joint Care with Hinge Health

You must be enrolled in an Aetna medical plan to be eligible for this benefit.

With Hinge Health’s digital exercise therapy, the Aetna Back and Joint Care program can provide you care for back, knee, hip, neck, and shoulder pain. You can get personalized support for your unique condition from an expert care team. This program can help you overcome chronic pain from the comfort of your home. There is no cost to you – Hinge Health is 100% covered by Endeavor.