Taking time off from work is important for your overall well-being and productivity in both your professional and personal life. Endeavor’s PTO policies allow you time to relax, celebrate holidays, or recover from an illness or injury.



Full-time exempt and non-exempt employees are eligible for paid vacation time. The amount of vacation time you can take depends on your employment status. Consult with your manager as far in advance as possible regarding your plans to use vacation time to ensure that business needs can be met.

Full-time exempt employees

  • You are provided with unlimited vacation days as approved by your manager.
  • Since you do not accrue time off, there is no payment for earned paid time off upon your voluntary departure from the Company.
  • Learn more in the Employee Handbook.

Full-time non-exempt employees (excludes and On Location)

  • You can earn and use your accrued vacation time after you successfully complete a 90-day introductory period.
  • When you are eligible, you accrue vacation time based on your tenure with the Company, as described in the chart below.
  • Once you accrue more than your annual vacation entitlement, the balance will roll over each year up to the rollover maximum.
  • Once the maximum level is reached, you will not continue to accrue vacation until you have used vacation such that the balance drops below the maximum rollover accrual amount.
Years with Endeavor Vacation Entitlement Per Year Accrual Per Pay Period (24 pay periods per year) Maximum Rollover
(excludes and On Location)
Less than 5 years 2 weeks (10 days) 3.34 hours 120 hours
5th year to start of 10th year 3 weeks (15 days) 5 hours 180 hours
10 years or more 4 weeks (20 days) 6.67 hours 240 hours
Neulion Amendment (only employees hired before January 1, 2021. All Neulion employees hired on or after January 1, 2021 follow the above accrual rates.)
Less than 5 years 3 weeks (15 days) 5 hours 180 hours
5 years or more 4 weeks (20 days) 6.67 hours 240 hours

Review the Non-Exempt PTO Policy for more details.



Endeavor regularly observes certain paid holidays during the year, based on a yearly schedule that varies by business. Only full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays. View the Endeavor Holiday Calendars & Office Closures here.

Full-time non-exempt employees

In addition, all full-time, non-exempt employees receive floating holidays annually. Floating holidays are available on January 1 of each year and may be used for religious or cultural holidays, your birthday, or other state or federal holidays during which Endeavor remains open. Endeavor employees receive two days annually.

You may roll over up to one unused floating holiday to the next year for a maximum balance of three floating holidays. Floating holidays are not paid out at your departure from the Company.

Your floating holiday allotment during your first year at Endeavor is prorated:

  • Employees hired January through May receive two days.
  • Employees hired June through October receive one day.
  • Employees hired after October are not eligible until the following year.

Review the Floating Holiday Policy for more details.


Sick Time

We know that you occasionally will need time off from work due to illness, injury, or medical condition(s) and for medical appointments, to care for an ill family member, or for other reasons. We provide all full-time, part-time, and temporary Endeavor employees paid sick and safe time leave under our Paid Sick and Safe Time Policy.

Full-time employees not in Washington state or San Francisco/Berkeley, CA receive at least eight sick days (64 hours) and part-time employees receive at least five sick days (40 hours). These sick days are available January 1 of each year or at their hire date. Certain locations are provided additional days or rollover as listed in the Paid Sick and Safe Time Policy.

Employees in Washington state or San Francisco/Berkeley, CA receive one hour for every 30 hours worked from hourly timesheets or one hour for every 30 hours worked with 40 hours used as the standard week for salaried employees. This can be rolled over annually to a maximum of 72 hours.

Unused sick time is not paid out at the end of the year or at your departure from the Company.